Johnson Burton Tutoring & Learning Center announces the NC Conference on Public School Books, Testing, and Curriculum. You are invited to participate in one of our four upcoming Community School Reviews that allows members of the communities of North Carolina to work with a team of professionals and participate in a study review to advise on the methods, various disciplines, curriculum, school books, and testing for teachers, students, and parents. It is a full day of discussions and exchanging ideas for developing effective school infrastructures for the purpose of academic excellence. A print and online publication inserted into CityPolitical Magazine will highlight all participating committee members.

The conferences are located in Charlotte, NC at Johnson C. Smith University; Greensboro at A&T State University; Durham, NC at NC Central University ; and Fayetteville, NC at Fayetteville State University.

To Participate on a Committee, submit your biography to conference@johnsonburtonlearning

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