Constance Lav Johnson, President and Principal

believes in Empirical Learning


Constance Lav Johnson is a political and education consultant, speaker, and publisher, providing updates and news reports on local, state, and federal bills, policies, and issues. 

She completed her education at the University of Maryland's Education Department in Guidance and Counseling, where she served as student representative for hiring new faculty and staff and was the research scholar under the Director of the Guidance and Counseling Department. She received a full scholarship and assistantship that included full tuition, housing, books, and a position with a comparable salary.

FORMER TEACHER, SCHOOL COUNSELOR AND SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR. Constance Lav Johnson was a public school teacher, School Counselor, School Administrator before publishing CityPolitical. She worked with youth in Charlotte, New York, and Chicago, and developed programs in some of the toughest schools with excellent results. Tenth graders were placed in college level programs with good job readiness skills.

PUBLISHER & POLITICIAN, CITYPOLITICAL As publisher of CityPolitical, Constance Lav Johnson highlights the work, bills, statements, laws, and  responses of elected officials and their associates. The publication ensures the delivery of political promises, ethical decisions and actions as they relate to the protection of citizens and the issues they vote on. CityPolitical Magazine published from 2002 to 2008, altered its' format to an online source from 2008 to 2019, and is returning to a printed publication in 2019 based on election dates.

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION CONSULTANT. Johnson had record breaking job placements providing gainful employment to injured and disabled workers. She now provides consultation to elected officials, church officials, and those in leadership positions.