Standard Policies

In order to ensure complete understanding concerning tutoring, the registration form will be read and signed by the attending parent.  This form will be kept in Johnson Burton Learning Center's (JBLC) clients registration files and our data are never sold or shared without authority.  A copy of the completed and approved registration form is emailed to the registrant to confirm that JBLC has received and approved your application.  This is a general policy to provide guidelines for successful tutoring experiences.

1.  Johnson Burton Learning Center has no educational requirement or major of study to register. The Sessions are designed for Students, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Principals, and Educational Professionals.
2.  The parent will receive a set of dates and times for monthly tutoring sessions, events, and field trips.  If students, parents, and teachers cannot make a scheduled session, notify the Johnson Burton Learning Center's coaches immediately to re-schedule the session. Events and Field Trips are not mandatory but greatly enhance the tutoring experience.

3.  It is the responsibility of the parents to know the class assignments and activities scheduled in advance for timely completion.

4.  Coaches are available to you 24 hours a week/7 days a week for five minute chats, but private meetings are scheduled in advance. Coaches moderate school meetings with teachers, counselors, and represent the best interest of the Parents of students of Johnson Burton Learning Center.

5.  Coaches are required to start each activity and group 15 minutes past the scheduled meeting time.

6.  If a parent misses more than 2 scheduled sessions, the Head Coach will be notified so that other arrangements can be made to attend two private sessions.

7.  Tutoring, counseling, and coaching the students, parents, and teachers successfully will enhance a child's scholastic scores.

8. Coaches are forbidden to do homework or engage in the completion of homework for teachers, students and parents.

9.  If for any reason the tutoring arrangement is not working out for either the student, parents, and teachers or the coach, the Principal should be notified so that the situation can be resolved to ensure success.

10.  The coach can not discuss specific details of the parents' situations with other organizations or persons, children, youth, or any education professional not affiliated with Johnson Burton Learning Center without the Parents' written permission and notification of the Head Coach.  All Parents have the right to full confidentiality.

11.  Coaches at Johnson Burton Learning Center are  responsible for providing measurable tables that document the progress of Parents efforts to improve their children and youth's grades; however the grades are not the responsibility of Johnson Burton Learning Center if the parents do not put forth their full effort and engage in the session and activities.